You again? Oh well, might as well put the kettle on!

After completing my “collegy film schooly” adventures in Leeds, I bid farewell to Yorkshire in 1994. Since then, I’ve played a lively game of hopscotch across the UK, living in Bristol, Exeter, Bristol again (couldn’t get enough of it), Somerset (Coleford), and London, working mostly in web design for companies like Virgin and Titan Publishing with a bit of illustration, model making, publishing, and 3D printing thrown in. Now, I find myself living just a pebble’s throw from the sea near Brighton & Hove, working as a self-employed creative designer and illustrator.

If you want to get in touch, either drop me an email, or give me a shout on Facebook. Carrier pigeons and smoke signals are also accepted!

If you were expecting to see the Mutant Cow Resume, never fear; it’s still right here after all these years.