The Sock MonstersWood Warts

Ever in search of sock salt, their staple diet, the sock monsters prowl the night, hunting out smelly socks in the bedrooms of smelly children and teenagers.

The most evidence of a sock monster visit are wood warts. These nasty knotted fungaloids grow on the surface of any wooden surface a sock monster touches. If you’re unlucky enough to have a ploom of wood warts in your home, unless kept under check, wood warts will continue to grow, requiring regular planing and sanding.

Sock saltSo… this simple animation was created back in 1998, blimey, that is a long time ago. the tools and software used to create this were: Plasticine, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and a 3d modelling and rendering program called Truespace, which I think no longer exists. The project took around 6 hours to complete from scratch.

Sock Monsters Mpeg… the-sock-monsters-1998.mpeg